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Finding Emma celebrates Emma’s journey out of the “Heart of Darkness” of divorce, as layer by layer she discovers the path to peace and self-confidence through an understanding of the world beyond herself and the world within herself. No matter the source of darkness in our hearts, her example will illuminate the way…


As I read the book, I was able to put myself in Emma’s place and empathize with her situation. As she faced her challenges, I recognized that I could also face my own challenges and find ways to continually improve myself. It truly inspired me to stop focusing on what I don’t have and to appreciate what I do have…and to find new ways to improve my life and to help others improve theirs. A very inspirational book…I would encourage everyone to read this book.


Emma, I cheered for your accomplishments, cried with your sadness, yelled at you when you allowed your husband to control your life even when he was not in the home anymore, cried with cheer when you stood up for yourself.

I can hardly wait to see what your next steps in life are. I am looking forward to reading Finding Emma “The Journey” and Finding Emma “Giving Back”.

Your change keeps confirming my changes.


“The only thing that stands between a person and what they want in life is the will to try it and the faith to believe it possible.” Rich Devos


Donna I enjoyed reading your book, and would recommend this book for any woman ready for a change, and even if they are not ready today they will be someday.


I have read the book Finding Emma, written by Donna Marie Trapp and have found it to be a story of an enlightening journey many women will identify within their own lives. Although complete in itself, it leaves you hoping that the author will write a sequel! A great and satisfying read!


WOW I finished your book last night!!! It was awsome!! Once I started it I couldn’t put it down!! I can’t wait for the second one!! When I knew I was getting to the end of the pages I wanted MORE to come, you should be VERY proud of yourself Donna!! :)
Karen Morton

Dear Donna,

I finally finished reading your book , and all i can say is you did a  GREAT job.   I enjoyed it so much. While reading it,I could immagine the places Emma has been and what she felt. Also it made me see clearer how my mother must have felt when she went through her divorce 18 yrs ago.  I hope you are going to write a new book soon, because your first one is written so well, and I’m going to recommend it to all my friends to read it :))

Wonderfull work!

Your fan , Ruta

I finished your book….WOW I really enjoyed it I could see a liitle of me in that book and a lot of other people that I know. Job well done I am going to have Bob start reading it. I would like to re-read it ..
Cathy Wilson

Hi, Finding Emma is definitely a good read. I went through something difficult some time ago and the moment I picked up this book, my life has never been the same. It is truly inspiring and has helped me rebuild my life little by little.


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